Another reason to be amazed at "A+ president"

Letter to the Editor


I know that I recently wrote that I was finally fed up with the grandstanding and self-centeredness of our president, but now I have reconsidered.

Just this past week I have realized that our revered and exalted leader has brilliantly shown us how to immediately revise our legal system. By talking with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and asking him if he was responsible in any way for the gruesome murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi and subsequently announcing the prince’s innocence based on that conversation, President Trump has shown the way to revamp and streamline our entire legal system.

Think about the implications for law enforcement.  Instead of going through the tedious process of arresting, booking, and holding over for trial any suspect, the arresting officer can now merely ask the possible perpetrator if he did the crime. If the suspect denies involvement, he can go free and the police will not be troubled with gathering evidence, testing evidence forensically, running fingerprints, and many other of the tedious details that bring a suspect to trial and conviction.

And thinking of that, we could probably lessen the overcrowding of our prisons by asking each prisoner now incarcerated whether he or she was imprisoned falsely and if they are, indeed, innocent. Since many of those incarcerated claim their innocence, this would allow us to concentrate on only those who admit their guilt. Now we won’t have crowded conditions, staff shortages, and overworked parole officers.  Not only is life better for all, but our taxes should go down as a result of this presidential way of ascertaining guilt and/or innocence.

The backlog in our court system would now vanish with the absence of so many innocent people that were apparently falsely charged based on something as flimsy as evidence gathered and witness testimony. So now we would have no more waiting for months and years to have a case tried. The down side is that criminal defense lawyers will be a little short of work, but that is a small price to pay for this law enforcement breakthrough.

Using the example of our president of ignoring evidence gathered by the CIA, the Turkish law enforcement agencies, and others; to just go straight to a phone inquiry of guilt or innocence has wonderful ramifications in myriad areas of society. I am sure we will all sleep better once these principles are applied as I have described and in other areas I haven’t thought of like civil and tax areas.

After all, a person receiving an A+ means that there are no errors in his thinking, doesn’t it?

Dennis Ford


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