Keep inflammatory political TV shows out of 'rec center' and other publicly funded places

Letter to the Editor


I am reluctant to continue the mini-debate that has arisen over the presence of the Fox “News” channel in our taxpayer-funded Cashiers-Glenville Recreation Center. But I feel the reason for my concern has been missed.

It is not relevant, in my opinion, if 57 or 570 members of the center vote to broadcast Fox, MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh, or any other channel from the far ends of the political spectrum. None would be appropriate for a publicly funded facility, be it a school, library, post office or recreation center. This should not be subject to some kind of “poll.”

If a private business chooses to show such fare, that is its prerogative, but not so where tax dollars are involved. Public facilities should be for the enjoyment of all, be they a majority or minority in their political views, and not a showcase for inflammatory and biased opinions. I’m not the one who judged Fox to be a “propaganda machine.” That is the label one of their longtime news commentators placed upon it.

For the record regarding another letter writer’s comments about my original letter, in my conversation with the manager of the recreation center, a polite gentleman and a good listener, he never mentioned the “polls” (although I was aware of them and have participated in several, always asking for non-political channels), nor did I say that I could see Fox “out of the corner” of my eye. (I said, as stated in my letter, that when one is on one of the cardio-vascular machines it is literally “in your face.”) The station is unavoidable to anyone on a cardio machine; and unpleasant for many.

What’s the solution? An apolitical channel, neither “left” nor “right,” continues to make a lot of sense to me. And one thing I’m confident we can all agree upon: the recreation center is a local treasure staffed by wonderful people. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it be devoid of any political controversy?

James Hendrix


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