Letters to the editor

Don’t trash Cashiers

I am very happy the litter problem in Cashiers is now a focus, but I am amazed and concerned that this problem even exists in an area that relies heavily on tourism. It seems like Cashiers residents, many of whom rely on jobs related to tourism, would do everything possible to make their roadways are clean and litter-free.

As someone who grew up with a grandmother picking up litter wherever she went and a mother who does the same, I find littering the height of laziness and selfishness. Putting garbage in a garbage can or making sure that it doesn’t blow out of one’s car or truck is a very simple thing to do.

As an owner and resident of High Hampton Inn, I often drive on that portion of Highway 107 which is in front of the Inn. So much litter is on this stretch of the highway. In a place that prides itself on natural beauty, roads filled with litter are not the first impression that you want people to have.

Much of the litter along this stretch of 107 comes from vehicles that speed up on this part of the highway. As trucks and cars race down the road, many spew out all sorts of garbage — things that aren’t properly restrained, such as: Styrofoam and plastic cups; mulch and other landscaping bags; cardboard; insulation; fast food bags; plastic shopping bags; Styrofoam peanuts; as well as cans and bottles that fly out as vehicles travel to and from the Cashiers Transfer Station and SRC Site on 107 South.

Sometimes even large bags of litter blow out and their contents spill all over the road. Everyone knows that when a truck picks up speed, everything will fly out of the back unless it’s properly stowed, or when car windows are down, things fly out. We at High Hampton try to pick up the litter often, but it’s impossible to keep up with it.

With the tourism season quickly approaching, I am urging everyone who travels along 107 and along any of our county roads to take time to properly stow one’s garbage. Before you start driving, think about what’s in your truckbed and/or car that may go flying out. Put it somewhere safe where the wind won’t blow it until you can dispose of it properly.

Think of folks who may be visiting here, as well as residents who don’t want to look at trash. Let’s all try to make sure our roads look good, so that people are impressed by the pride that we have in the appearance of our community. Everyone needs to do one’s part and not rely on a few to clean up the mess others make due to laziness and lack of respect for others.

We spend a lot of money to bring people to our area, so let’s all make an effort to cut down on litter along the roads by preventing it from happening in the first place.

Becky McKee

Thank you, sheriff’s office

Our family has experienced a nightmare that we thought we would never have to experience.  

On Feb. 3, when our loved one was murdered in his home, that nightmare began. During this horrific event, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to be represented by Sheriff Chip Hall, Chief Deputy Kim Hooper and all the staff of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. These two men and their staff have spent countless hours working on this homicide case. They have all worked extra hours during nights and weekends, taking time from their own families to assist with ours.  

During this time, the communication was outstanding and never once did they leave us without being informed on the investigation. We can truly say this team worked tirelessly and treated our family with utmost respect and showed our family compassion as if we were a part of their personal families.

We would like to thank each member of this office for all they have and are doing for us. Jackson County, we are very fortunate to have this team looking out for us. We pray that God will bless and keep each of you as you protect Jackson County.

J.C. and Sheraldean Norris; Donna Houston; Brianna Norris; David and Tammy Norris and family; Chuck
and Donna Norris and family; Donna and Ron Smith and family.

Crossroads Chronicle

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