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Letter to the Editor


The Crossroads Chronicle’s March 20 edition embodies what I love about The Chronicle, and the value of community newspapers.

There were three nuggets in there that really caught my attention:

• First I was struck by the survey results regarding the U.S. Forest Service plan to “manage” old-growth forest in Jackson county. To have 477 votes was an extraordinary level of public response, given that the typical number ranges around 40 to 60.

But even more striking was the 95 percent level of consensus against the USFS plan, representing a landslide majority of people in this community who are not buying the USFS arguments. That weekly survey tool, though simple, does offer a unique way to take the pulse of this community and I really hope USFS has seen this Chronicle data.

Given that the USFS motto is “Caring for the land and serving the people,” I have to wonder how officials could plan to proceed in the face of this magnitude of opposition by the people who are most directly affected.

• Then, on a lighter note, I was also struck by the stories on “futsal” and “Newspapers in Education.” I had no idea futsal at the Cashiers-Glenville Recreation Center had become so popular, and I was excited to learn how that program is bridging across many elements of our diverse community -- particularly how our Latino neighbors, who contribute in so many important ways, are helping to drive this valuable program that serves to bring people together while also encouraging us to stay in shape during the winter!

• Finally, it was fun to see the artwork of the students from Blue Ridge School who designed the many ads -- all springing from the support of the sponsoring businesses and the Chronicle, enabling the students to experiment, test their creativity, and become more familiar with journalism and the power of public discourse.

Imagine -- three meaningful programs in one issue serving to (a) shine light on the value of responsible journalism while engaging our young people, (b) bring our diverse community together in playful and healthy ways, and (c) offer a unique channel for meaningful public debate on how to care for our critical natural resources – wow!

Well done, Chronicle, keep it up.

Bill Horton


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