Should Cashiers-Glenville Rec Center TVs be tuned to Fox News?

Letter to the Editor


A longtime news analyst for Fox News recently resigned his position with the lament that the network has become a propaganda machine. This propaganda is ever present, on a daily basis, in the cardio/weight room of the Cashiers-Glenville Recreation Center. If you are interested in maintaining your cardio-vascular health, and thus using one of the appropriate machines, this biased “news” is literally “in your face.”

I recently expressed my concern about this matter to the manager of the facility. He listened politely and told me he would “discuss it with others.” Nothing, however, has changed. Two of the three TVs in the aforementioned room are tuned to the essentially non-political ESPN network. I respectively suggest that the third unit needs to follow suit with the National Geographic Channel, one of the cooking channels, or other choices that avoid both the right and left extremes of the political spectrum.

A propaganda machine in a facility we pay for with our tax dollars is inappropriate. We can continue to watch the networks of our choice in the privacy of our homes, and listen to the radio broadcasts we prefer, without subjecting others to these preferences.

Our recreation center is a wonderful asset; the best thing that has happened to Cashiers, along with our library, in my many years here. Let’s keep it, as is the case with the library, a-political.

James Hendrix


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